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Can my child get ABA Services if he/she does not have a diagnosis of Autism?

No, and Yes. In New York State, ABA can be implemented for an individual with behavioral challenges who does not have an ASD diagnosis and a prescription for ABA, by a NYS Licensed Psychologist (or similar practitioner, as defined by the NYS Office of the Professions). Unless they are working in an exempt setting, a NYS Licensed Behavior Analyst can only provide services to an individual with an Autism Diagnosis and a prescription or order for ABA services.

Do you provide services through insurance, and will ABA services be covered by my insurance plan?

Yes, we do provide services through insurance. Coverage varies not only by insurance carriers, but also from plan to plan within a carrier. You must check with your insurance carrier to see if you have coverage for the "Enhanced Autism Benefit". Privately funded plans are less likely to provide coverage than commercial plans.

My child has insurance through Medicaid; do you accept Medicaid for ABA Services?

We do not accept Medicaid for payment of services, but there is a bigger problem: Medicaid in New York State does not recognize ABA as a treatment for Autism. As such, even if we did accept Medicaid, ABA would not be a covered service.

I noticed that B.I.P.S. only provides Applied Behavior Analysis services, while other companies also offer Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and other services. Why should I choose your company over their "one-stop-shop?"

The owner of Behavioral Intervention Psychological Services PC is licensed in NYS as both a Psychologist as well as a Behavior Analyst, therefor we can offer psychological services or behavioral services, but only those services. NYS regulations require that if a company offers multiple services, the owner(s) must be licensed to practice in each of those fields.
Refer to the following for more detailed information: NYSED

My child has behavioral problems and I really want to get ABA services for him/her. I don't like that a Licensed Behavior Analyst can only provide the services if my child has a diagnosis of Autism, or if they work in an exempt setting. What can I do to affect change?

We are very distressed by this also. We suggest that you start by writing to your local legislator to ask them to work towards passing legislation to remove the scope restriction for ABA Services.
You can find more info on this here: NYSAB

I am interested in working for B.I.P.S., how can I get a job with you?

First, make sure you proofread your resume! Do not rely on a computer to do it for you.
Next, you can submit a request for consideration through our website on the following page:

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